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A freezer full of fish and a belly full of lobster

This weekend I've been back to the ancestral home - aka the place where my mother was born. We used to have a house there, a rather big, ramshackle on, a few years it was sold. So when we stay there now, we stay at at my uncle L's flat, so it is fairly cramped. But this weekend I just had to go down there. On October 1. the lobster season starts in Norway, and I have gone lobster fishing with my uncle N for many years. Secondly the weather have been nothing short of absolutely amazing here for weeks, clear blue skies and very little wind. After a summer where we set rain records for both July and August, we deserved some nice - if not warm - weather.

So for the last few days I have been up and in the boat just before sunrise. The sea has been also totally flat, so we could see the sunrise and clouds reflected in the water, even trees and gulls.

Saturday at 7 am

We are allowed ten lobster pots (you can see a lobster pot live here) per boat, and usually we get enough to have a family lobster party. And if not my uncle N has some put by, since he starts on October 1st. This year we got some lobsters, but had to throw out quite a lot of them since they were to small (25 cm) or were carrying roe (can't eat what will be more lobsters later!) But we got an amazing amounts of crabs. We also put out some nets overnight, and got huge amounts of fish - more than usual for this time of year. Including some quite nice salmon. Even divided between all family members with an interest in fish, my freezer is now filled with fish.

Since the weather was so lovely we decided to have our annual family lobster party outside our boathouse. It was a great afternoon. We were sitting outside until the sun set. Wonderful, just wonderful.

This morning was less happy, since when I came down to the boat, somebody had stolen our anchor, boathook and a bucket containing some other - virtually worthless things like rubber bands to put on the claws of the lobsters. The motor on the boat is bolted fast, and we always put the gasoline tank in the boathouse, but it was clear that it was those things they wanted, because the other things are virtually worthless and rather unsellable. It was a rather annoying. On top of that we didn't get anything in our lobster pots. There are some rumours of people stealing from the lobster pots, after all they do not have locks, so it's easy to take out the lobster and throw the pot back out, and the owners will be none the wiser. It makes me rather angry.

But I will not let those feelings overshadow the rest of the weekend, becasue it really has been great. Although my hands are now scrubbed raw. I'm such an academic!

Sunday 8 am, 2°C - brrrr

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