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On sabbatical - and meeting the crazy planner people

Today is the first day (since yesterday was a public holiday) of my sabbatical/research, leave. That's a new thing for me, and I haven't really had time in the last years to immerse myself in research for a prolonged period. And now I have, at least for the next 6 months: no teaching, no administrative duties, just research, whatever that is.

And I am a bit anxious; mainly because I am the Queen of Procrastination. Things that needs doing, and things that have a particular deadline, I usually manage, but all those things with no or unclear deadline I'm not as good with. And now I have half a year of ... nothings. Except that, by the end of it I should have something that ought to be publishable in a scholarly journal or similar. Because that's the prerequisite for getting a new term, publications. Welcome to Academia - publish or perish as they say.

So for the last couple of weeks I've been looking for a new planner to write down stuff I need to do in, and I've fallen in the deep abyss of planner people and self help-plan your life people: people spending an amazing time writing down stuff (always analog) in their planners, preferably in great detail, the planner people with colours, stickers and pretty lettering, the self-helpers with lists of thankfulness, goals and lessons learned. Some of these people recommended using an hour a day - 30 minutes in the morning, 30 in the evening, in setting up their planner. A planner that is then divided into 15 minute increments, and preferably planned to death. In pink. I'd rather spend that hour working, or on the sofa drinking whisky, reading.

Not that I haven't fallen prey to the academic self-help literature myself. I have acquired some books on writing. I haven't read them though - after all I am the queen of procrastination. And the proper research leave starts next week. this week I'm doing other things. Ummm...

On the other hand I'm back where I started with this journal 15(!!) years ago, as a practice in writing stuff. perhaps I'll have to reinstate the "Academic Friday" where I write up what I've done in the week.

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