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Academic Friday, Week 1

Now when I am trying to sum up, I don't feel so enthusiastic, so I think I'll start with the good things

>b>The good things:</b>
1) Last week I got a brainwave of contacting my former students working in Norway to follow up how they are doing, and what they wished they knew. I have now talked to a couple of people about this and they were all making encouraging noises. I have also set up a meeting with our Section of analysis and quality endurance, and they are willing to help me. How we will know on Tuesday.

2) I have been encouraged (aka nagged) to apply on a mobility scholarship.

3) The deadline for one of my abstracts have been pushed forward two weeks. So now I actually have time to put some thought into it.

The bad things
1) I feel like I'm failing. Actually I am seriously flailing with both arms and both feet. i have no idea what I am doing, or how to do it if I knew what is was I was doing.

2) People keep disturbing me! Asking me to meetings and stuff I am exempt from. V. annoying.

3) I am one and a half abstract due on Monday. (one for me, and one in companionship with someone) Neither is written. Not looking forwards to the weekend!

4) The weather and my general well-being are similar. Grey and dreary.

5) I am the Queen of Procrastination. Facebook is evil.

Nest week:
Two abstracts due on Monday.
Two meetings Tuesday.
Meeting in Oslo Wednesday.
Abstract-writing meeting Thursday.
See you next Friday!

And I need to do some reading as well. Hm.

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