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Academic Friday, week 2

Actually this week feels good.
I feel have gotten some idea of what I should be doing, and how I should do it. I've put a "On sabbatical leave" on my door. Of course with Moominpappa on. I have been a bit worried that he might be the wrong ideal for my sabbatical, since is not very good at getting around to do what he is supposed to to. But there are so many great pictures of Moominpappa writing, so I just had to.

Also I got a new laptop today, so I am really ready to travel! (and then i spent half an hour looking online for teacup-decals to put on it...)

The good things
The tangible output (insomuch as you can call a digitally written and uploaded document tangible) of this week is that I have written and uploaded an abstract for a conference. I this I had to actually express clearly what I am planning to do this term. It was a bit stressful, since I have only just started to read up on the theory, and have no idea what i will actually find. But I still had to write 500 words about it. And I have done it, and have now a decent to read pile that is relevant, not just potentially relevant. And an outline. Need to take that up next week.

I also have emailed the university of Copenhagen about coming down there and stay for a couple of weeks, and that seems to be going well. I'll shadow some of their teachers and talk about curriculum planning and such. And I have started applying for funding that.

And I had one quite good meeting with some colleagues about another project. We're writing something together, and hopefully presenting it later this year.

The bad things

See this is why I write the good things first, because now I don't remember that bad ones. Except you know, I have no clear idea hat I am doing, my material is still waiting to be *insert technical stuff I have a dude to do*.

And people keep talking to me! The less I interact with people, the less interested I am at interacting, so when people stop me when I'm planning to get another cup of tea, they start talking to me! My brain is a bit slow, both to power up and to power down, so sudden talking doesn't work, and then I come over as rather grumpy.

Next week
The only deadline I have next week is to write a blog-post for a language blog I'm occasionally writing for. that I am actually looking forward to.
And then I have to start on my to read pile! The work to-read pile, that is, so no sci-fi here sadly. Actually, once, when we were reading philosophy of sciences, we tried reading it like it was science fiction, but it just didn't have enough space ships. On the other hand, I am reading about communicative failures, so I can pretend it is Arrival, right?
And then I have to write another abstract, making questions for a survey. But in general I am hopeful!

Now I am going home with my academic self-help book: How to write for academic journals.

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