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Acedemic Friday - week 3

Huh, that week went quickly! Actually it is a good idea to sum up my weeks, if I have to say it myself, becasue if not I'd have no idea what I did this week!

The good things
One more abstract for a conference is sent! And that almost a week before the deadline, crazy! THis is an abstract I'm working with two of my colleagues on, the annoying thing is that only one of them and I are doing anything, the third one is always saying: "Oh, going to look at it, just put it here", and then it disappears, and she does nothing. Unfortunately she has some interesting data to share, so we would like to have her in the project.
Also I'm slowly, slowly working towards a couple of weeks in Copenhagen as a visiting scholar.
And I've done quite a lot of reading. Of course the real challenge is to not read too much of the things that aren't directly related to the things I'm doing. Of course this would be easier if I knew exactly what I was doing. On the otehr hand I've been asked to describe what I was doing so many times the last weeks, so it's starting to take shape.
I've spent most of today free-writing on the project, and feel like things are, if not actually taking shape, so at least looking more like one unified lump than utter chaos. And since I have a tendency to think in pictures, I imagine myself something like a sculptor. For the last few weeks I've mainly walked around in the quarry, looking for a decent block of stone. Now I think I have a stone, so hopefully I can start hacking at it soon.

The bad things
I still have troubles getting up in the morning. I hate this time of year, it is so dark and dreary, and since we haven't had much frost or snow (which is actually rare), only rain, it is very dark here.
And my main problem - everything takes longer than I plan on. I feel like I don't get anything done, and end up sitting way to late in the afternoon - and then it's dark when I get home as well. No wonder I have Vitamin D-deficiency!

Next week
next week I only have one specific thing to do: I have a deadline on a blog-post on Tuesday. it's half written, but I need to finish it (so it's probably not more than 1/5 written)
And I have a list of articles to read and poke holes in. And some more free-writing to do. And I need a good working title for the project.

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