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Creative procrastination leads to nostalgia - mostly about writing

At one point in my life I wrote a couple of feature articles that I never got around to publish, so I thought I could find them and see if they were worth putting some effort into, now that I have the time. The problem was of course that I had no idea where these articles might be stored. Did I have them on an USB-stick, on my old laptop, or the external hard disk, or perhaps even on one of my old floppy disks?

So I started with my old floppies, and brought a stack of them to work where I had borrowed an old floppy disk station, from a Mac by the looks of it, and started to go through them. I didn't find my article, but by Jove did I find a lot of other stuff I'd written. I'd totally forgot how much I'd written. Most of it were in the period 1997-2001, from I moved to Greece until, well, probably around the time I started my LJ. My LJ probably took over for quite a lot of the writing output, even though it had some differences, which I guess must had influence on what I wrote about, and how I wrote it, because then I was suddenly writing for an audience, also it was in a foreign language. My English is good, but it is not my first language. But in the period 1997-2001 I started writing on a computer, first one I inherited from my mother's work, later I got my own laptop, where I earlier had written by hand or on a typewriter. I still have books and loose pages of stuff I've written before, but I'd almost forgot about all these digital files.

Some of it was stuff I'd written for the university newspapers, there were essays for various Latin and Greek courses, there were copies of emails, even some from my earliest attempts at internet dating. I was never very good the dating part, but I did have quite a lot of correspondence with some of them, pages on pages with emails. And this was in the days were we wrote long emails, really long emails. In Athens I used to write up my emails before going on the shared computer to send them, since I paid for the computer and internet access, around 250 drachma per 10(?) minutes.

But the main chunk of the files were stories, pieces of stories, snippets and glances into the life my life, and stories about and from my friends, and of course numerous attempts at The Great Novel. Some of the stories I remember, and some I'd totally forgotten, some where so horrid I couldn't even finish reading them.

But - it made me remember something: First of I have always loved writing. I've written diaries since I learned to write. I inherited my grandfather's old typewriter, and using my mother's textbook in touch typing, taught myself to type so I could write more and faster. Getting ribbons for that typewriter was impossible though. I remember I had to re-ink the one I had by unrolling the spent ribbon, and then re-roll it on the other side. I wrote a lot. I still write a lot, but I keep forgetting it. I still write quite a lot in my oodles of Moleskines (A5 unlined) which has been my favourite for writing since I bought the first one in Rome in 1997? 1998? But still I keep forgetting: I love to write. Sometimes I even need to write. Have you had this feeling that your hands shaking because they are so filled with words, but then there are so many other things, most often work sadly, that interferes? Yeah, that one. I still have it. I should nurture it more.

The second thing I found is that my turn of phrase is not that bad, Okay, I must admit that most of what I read of my writing from 1997-2001 were written under heavy influence of being something of snob on top of being a Classics-student; which means using slightly arcane grammar and vocabulary, and considering using a full stop (.) as a personal loss. It was the only thing my mother said to me after reading my master thesis. "Well, you could have used fewer commas, but perhaps some more full stops:" It is still a weakness. But I do have some quite good descriptions, and my turn of phrase is pretty good.

So I really haven't done much today, but I really hope I can remember this: I love writing.

And this is probably more or less what I looked like back in the days when floppy disk where the storage medium of choice:

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