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Academic Friday week 4

Now that was a whole lot of meh. Clearly if I have one good and productive work, I must have one totally wasted week. This was one of them. I did probably just one of the things I was supposed to.
I hate this winter and darkness, even though we have more than two hours of daylight more than at equinox, and unless I'm very late at work, there's still light when I leave, although not when I get home.

The good things
I've gotten my official invitation from the University of Copenhagen. visiting scholar for three weeks starting on February 20th. So I need to find somewhere cheap-ish to stay. I've been looking at both B&Bs and AirBnB, and they are more or less the same price. Copenhagen is expensive!
And since I've got my invitation, I've finally sent my application for travelling funds. Unfortunately they will not be covering the whole thing fully. Oh, well. Copenhagen!

I've been reminded that I actually like writing. Now I only have to remind myself occasionally.

The bad things
Everything else. I've been having trouble getting up in the morning, trouble doing pushing myself into doing things. Problems well, everything else. I need an official ass-kicker, because I'm not good at doing it myself.

Next week
Everything I did not do this week?
Two work-related meetings, some writing, finish that fluff piece, and the blog post I've promised.

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