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Silent Sunday, hiking and lemons

It's been a quiet Sunday, but I still feel I've managed to do a lot. I dragged myself out of bed and went for a hike this morning, up and down at Fløyen. And since it was not only good weather, but also the Get Out Day, organised by the Norwegian Trekking Association, so the mountain was overflowing with families. But it was nice. they've put up new signposts over the winter as well, so I found a new trail as well. And it was really nice to get out, even though I'm a horrid shape after sitting still for four months.

Then I've spent the rest of the day reading and making crispbread, which I do every other Sunday when I run out. It is really easy, but needs attention every 10-15 minutes. Also, some weeks ago I found (yes!) a litre of vodka when tidying, and since I do not drink that, I was wondering what to do with it - I even contemplated selling it to the students, since they keep putting up offers for hard spirits on the Facebook page. But then, some days later I got a postcard from Italy with a recipe for limoncello on it, clearly a sign. So now I have been peeling lemons, and my flat smells nice and summery. Also my fingers are covered with lots of little cuts and nicks from peeling. And does anyone know what to do with six naked lemons?

Signpost at Fløyen

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