Klara (mummimamma) wrote,

Discovering my inner hoarder

For years my mother have been bothering me to come home and go through the stuff I'd left at home. Considering I moved out about 20 years ago, and have lived in my own flat for the last 10, she is not wrong in nagging me. I just hate to tidy and I hate to throw away stuff.

That last thing was a bit of a surprise actually, I've never thought of myself as a hoarder, but when I went through my stuff I found an enormous amount of stuff that there is no reason to keep. You know, like my application for an UNIX account at the university back in 1995, my student id from 1994 until I finished, schoolbooks from first grade though to my notes on Latin and Greek in at master level. And postcards and letters. But most of it was books. So many books.

I have always loved books, but from I was about 15 until 20 I bought an enormous amount of books on flee markets. Which means it is a lot of Norwegian and Danish (or the even older Dano-Norwegian) translations of stuff. SO I have the whole oeuvre of Alexandre Dumas, Jack London and Agatha Christie. I kept the lasts ones. But I also had a enormous amount of obscure novels from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I haven't read them in 25 years, if ever, so I don't think I'll read them again.

I think I had an idea that I one day would move into a huge flat and have enormous amounts of wall space to cover with shelves. Unfortunately I only have 55m2 here, and definitely not enough wall space for the books I have here.

So now I am trying to get rid of stuff. Which would be easier if I had a car, so I could drive to the recycling station. For now i just put it in the storage space I have in the basement. One step at the time.

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