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Academic Friday Week 5 and 6

Last week I was swept away from work by my mother, and when I finally sat down to recap my day it was Thursday, so then I postponed it another day, just to make the Academic Friday a Friday, because I'm good at coming up with postponing excuses like that.

Aside from that I feel like the weeks have been pretty crappy, lacking in everything; focus, hard work, perseverance, any work at all...

The good things
I have been accepted at two conferences. For one of them I actually got a "revise and resubmit" on my abstract, they wanted to know more about my findings. Which i then - and still do not - have, so today I've been trying to formulate "I have no idea, but based on other similar surveys the answer is no" into proper Academese. I've never heard anyone getting that before, though.

And on Sunday I am flying off to Copenhagen for three weeks. On Wednesday I start my first day at the University there, but I have more than enough of other things to keep me occupied until then. Also one of my friends who now lived in Copenhagen has found me a nice and cheap place to live. Update to follow!

The bad things
Serious attacks of procrastination, apathy and postponement, so very little have actually been done.

Next week
I will be in Copenhagen! I have no idea what will happen then.
I also will have to do some writing on other stuff, a report to the government on textbooks among other things.

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