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Mummimamma's kitchen

In which there is no such thing as too much tea

15 May 1975
I started this journal when I was halfway through my Thesis in Latin as an exercise in thinking with my fingers, not only my mouth. By the time I finished my thesis, in March 2003, I was hooked on LJ.

I use my journal to tell stories or voice my opinion on whatever might be on my mind - which can be pretty much anything.

Occasionally I go into academic mood and write lengthy and incoherently, mostly about languages.

Before I was lured into the world of Classical Philology I wanted to become a composer, an author, a tv producer or a firewoman. Nobody in Norway - including myself - knows what classical philologists actually do. So since my graduation I have held a number of strange, useless and/or meaningfuljobs like Assistant to a mad professor, cemetery worker, computer prodder and archivist at the Norwegian Band Society, teacher of Modern Greek, translator, examiner, invigilator, book greaser.

To maintain my expensive book-and-beer habit I currently am teaching entertaining (and being entertained by) foreigners about Norwegian language and culture, which I like very much. Although dream that would give me money to read books, drink tea and talk about things I like all day long.

I share a flat in the middle of Bergen with two men and two women. We have high ceilings, huge windows, an ugly view and virtually no soundproofing.
After sharing various flats for more years than I can count (11? 12?), I have now bought myself a small flat and am adjusting myself to living alone. It goes very well so far.

Finnish is my favourite language. Speak it and I'll love you forever.

I am occationally seen sorting other peoples books and cd's alphabetically.

Sometimes I think that more of the worlds problems would be solved if political meetings were held during a nice long breakfast.

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Mummimamma is the Norwegian name of Moomin Mama, taken from Tove Janson's lovely books about the moomins. Read them!

My mother used to read the books about the Moomins to me when I was little, and it's among my favourite memories.

Mummimamma is the mother who keeps everything together in the Moomin Valley. She cooks and is not disturbed by anything, and is nice and friendly. I'm not sure how the name came by, but my love for cooking, handbags and Finland might account for some. Anyway the name stuck, and is now my altera ego.
Even though my mother swears I'm really Little My and call me that.

My journal is pretty public, add me if you want, and if you comment to tell me it would make me happy.

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